Susan Hale, RN, MSN, AHN-BC, HWNC-BC

Master of Advanced Holistic Nursing

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Board Certified

Advanced Holistic Nursing (AHN) can facilitate healing through partnership. Holistic nursing is a specialty that draws on nursing knowledge, theory, expertise, and intuition to guide clients toward optimal health and wellness. Caring is centered on holism (belief in the interconnectedness of body-mind-emotion-spirit-energy-culture-environment), and oriented toward self care and self empowerment.


Board Certified

A certified Health and Wellness nurse coach has the advantage over other forms of coaching (executive, managerial, development, life coaching) to be able to combine the extensive knowledge of the human body, disease, and health with the understanding of the biomedical model and integration of alternative and complementary modalities to promote health, healing, wellness, and well-being. Our journey in holistic healing can result in long-term lifestyle changes, improved health, happiness, and well-being.

Certified Practitioner

NAET®: Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET®) is a method that helps to balance energies in the body using a blend of acupressure, allopathy, chiropractic, nutritional, and kinesiological disciplines. Unsuitable energies can come from food, chemicals, pathogens, environmental elements like grass, wood, rocks, radiation, etc., physical sensitivities like heat, cold, humidity, dampness, wind, dryness, various vibrations, etc. An allergy is an unusual sensitivity to a substance that may produce a variety of symptoms. In essence, NAET® can assist your body in befriending your nervous system by turning unsuitable energies or blockages into beneficial healing.

Health Professional series Certified

HEARTMATH: HeartMath is a breathing technique that helps you tap into the power and intelligence of your heart – your heart’s intuition – which awakens you to the best version of yourself. This is a grounding meditation that complements free flow of energies for healing. 

Essential Health 


ESSENTIAL OILS: Essential oils are the pure extracts of natural substances created by plants. Essential oils can be diffused, absorbed through the skin, or taken internally.  Single or blended oils bring light and energy that can be used to relax the mind, strengthen the immune system, improve circulation and respiration, promote digestion, increase energy and muscle function, cleanse and protect the skin, and support emotional resilience

EMOTION CODE®: The Emotion Code® is a technique for releasing emotions that keep us feeling physically and/or emotionally unwell. Release of non-beneficial emotions can allow one's body to increase in harmony and one's heart to give and receive love more freely.

1000 BELIEFS®: Everyone struggles with core false, negative, or limiting beliefs. 1000 Beliefs is a resource to help identify negative or limiting beliefs to release and replace with positive affirmations or beliefs that support the seven governing chakras.

BRIGHTLINE EATING®: Bright Line Eating is an approach to supporting our mind and body through eating healthy foods. It can be a good program for weight loss or maintenance.