Advanced Holistic Nursing (AHN) can facilitate healing through partnership. Holistic nursing is a specialty that draws on nursing knowledge, theory, expertise, and intuition to guide clients toward optimal health and wellness. Caring is centered on holism (belief in the interconnectedness of body-mind-emotion-spirit-energy-environment), and oriented toward self care and self empowerment.

Susan Hale, RN received her nursing degree from the University of Utah (1995). Her interests and experiences lead her to pursue a Masters of Advanced Holistic Nursing from Florida Atlantic University (2023). eBalance, LLC is an advanced holistic nursing practice based on caring, and healing using light, truth, and love. Utilizing alternative and non-invasive modalities, energy and emotional re-balancing techniques can promote restorative healing by developing and strengthening coherence, connections of the mind and body. Use of specific techniques can be most effective when based on the foundation that God, or a higher power, has placed in each of us an all-knowing, perfect blueprint. Through increasing access and learning to trust this part of ourselves, we find greater confidence in our intuition, power to heal vital energies, and strength in connections of the mind and body. Our soul or truest self can become brighter and stronger through continued infusions of light, truth, and love, thereby is the source of our purest healing power, not only for ourselves but for those we love and come in contact with.